Below is a list of some of the birdsightings our dear clients have reported

African jacana

Bee-eater - Blue breasted bee-eater

Cisticola - Carruther’s cisticola

Cisticola - Winding cisticola

Cormorant - Long tailed cormorant

Crake - Black crake

Duck - Whitefaced whistling duck

Duck - Yellow billed duck

Eagle -African fish eagle

Egret - cattle egret

Egret - Intermediate Egret

Egret - Little egret

Flycatcher - Swamp fly catcher

Gonolek - Papyrus gonolek


Harrier -African marsh harrier

Heron - Black headed heron

Heron - Black heron

Heron - Common squacco heron

Heron - Purple heron

Ibis - Haddada

Kingfisher - Grey headed kingfisher

Kingfisher - Malachite kingfisher

Kingfisher - Pied kingfisher

Lapwing - Long toed lapwing

Moorhen - Common moorhen

Sand piper - Common

Sand Piper - Marsch

Sand piper - Wood

Storck - Shoebill stork

Swamphen - Purple swamphen

Tern - White winged black tern

Widowbird - Fan-tailed widowbird

Weaver - Northern brown throated weaver bird

Weaver - Black headed weaver bird

Weaver - Yellow backed weaver bird

Weaver - Vieilliots black weaver bird

Mabamba Shoebill Tours 2018