Local community support


This project has come about as a means of supporting the community, especially the fishing families on Bussi Island.

Except for a small administration fee to cover costs of advertising and handling all money goes to the community in form of;

- the owners of the bigger boats that take you across the lake are smaller traders from the island

- the owners of the canoes and the guides are local people from Bussi and Mabamba

- the guides we use are unemployed youth from Entebbe that we train at no cost

- the taxidrivers that ferry you from your hotel to the harbor are local and in most cases owning there own vehicles

The proceeds goes towards supporting the community at Bussi Island.


Our relation with the communities at Bussi Island is indeed very long. The ABF of Sweden have, for instance, since long back through us supported the Kidayo Hospital with a water collection tank, solar power for lighting, equipment for the maternity ward, medicine etcetera.

We have also, through the cooperation with international schools given support to Bussi Junior School, Bussi Parents Primary School and to individual families on the island.

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